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Hamilton…You Gotta Eat Here!

Does this photo tantalize your taste buds at all? Take a closer look…you can almost TASTE this amazing dish, am I right? My husband and I regularly go out for dinner “date nights”, or in this case,…

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Enjoy your city!

This past weekend we enjoyed some boating fun here in Hamilton/Burlington. My dad has a new boat, and like any awesome grandpa he wants to share the fun with the grand-kids. So he is trying out marinas…

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Back… with Gratitude!

Hello again. So it’s been awhile. But my urge to put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keys, has caused me to revamp this blog and give it life again. I’ve been back and…

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Want to Relocate to HAMILTON?

relocate to hamilton

Real Estate RELOCATION! How to Successfully Buy a Home in a new City. This year, I have had the pleasure of relocating several sets of new clients from Toronto, to our beautiful city of Hamilton. All clients…

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Hamilton Neighbourhoods

hamilton neighbourhoods

Hamilton is divided up into different areas, each with their own unique characteristics, people and businesses. The Lower City, The Mountain, and then divided within those areas, West Hamilton and Dundas, Ancaster, East Hamilton and Stoney Creek,…

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Why Move to Hamilton?

move to Hamilton

We are an amazing city filled with unique people, exciting businesses and something for everyone! If you are a business person or entrepreneur, Hamilton is an affordable city that offers you so many things. Here are just…

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