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Hamilton…You Gotta Eat Here!

Does this photo tantalize your taste buds at all? Take a closer look…you can almost TASTE this amazing dish, am I right?

My husband and I regularly go out for dinner “date nights”, or in this case, a date “lunch” on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. We try to browse Hamilton’s fast-moving foodie Instagram posts for the latest and greatest eats offered locally. We are both into healthy eating, and locally it isn’t hard at all to find freshly created healthy meals that make one drool.

We’ve tried many of the local hot spots. Locke Street is one of those areas that is not only sought after because of its’ amazing century homes and family neighbourhoods, but it’s modern and yummy restaurant offerings. If you’re walking around there and get hungry, we suggest literally walking up and down and try anything there. Aberdeen Tavern up on Aberdeen just West of Locke, is fantastic.  Mattson and Co. on Locke is astounding. Democracy on Locke and Brown Dog Cafe as well. Just plain yummy! We hadn’t been able to get into Earth to Table Bread Bar as it truly is busy and sought after. So the fact that we got in recently was just fabulous! And by the photo you see here (Pork Cubano and Peach Arugula salad!) you can imagine how happy we were after eating.

We suggest hitting up James North AND South. South you will find many hidden gems like Aquarius Lounge which is delicious and fancy all at once. North will take you on a yummy journey for meals at places like Lake Road Restaurant that won’t disappoint, and you can pop over to Chocolat on James for Ice Cream or Chocolates to die for!

Don’t forget our waterfront. Pier 8 has Williams Coffee that offers their own delicious dinner and lunch menus all by the glorious water where you can watch the boats come in and out.

Hamilton is easily one of THE best cities for dining out. Give it a try. Check Instagram (you can follow me there @RealtorAprilA) as I follow all the best places and have dined at most of them. You won’t be disappointed! Be your own FOODIE!

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